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▼ Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes


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▼ Top 5 Piñata Fails

With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, this 5 piñata fails should definitely help get you excited! See what can go wrong when people use bats to get candy!

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▼ Hack Tricks: iPhone

Read the full post: http://www.hackcollege.com/blog/2013/04/15/hack-tricks-iphone.html

This week, we'll tak…(続きを読む)

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▼ The Gummy Bear Song - Full English Version

Long full-length video of the English version of I Am A Gummy Bear - The Gummy Bear Song. Visit Gummibär online at http://www.gu…(続きを読む)

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▼ Dog Vs Girl Full HD (Exclusive)

Dog Vs Girl Full HD (Exclusive)

dog vs girl, full hd, exclusive, dog, funny, fun, cool, lol, comedy, best, dog (domesticated animal), cute, iphone, hump, with, playing, having, girl, dog …(続きを読む)

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▼ Twice-Baked Potato Cassserole

Dish up easy 13x9 baked potatoes when you're on side dish duty.

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▼ Candy Crush Saga : la solution du niveau 499 sans bonus !


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▼ The Triumphant Return of the Tide Ride to NASCAR | Video

(via stupidDOPE.com) We here at stupidDOPE love the adrenaline-pumping exhilaration that is NASCAR, but there is no cleaner ride than the triumphant return of the Tide Ride. Quite recently, we stopped…(続きを読む)

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▼ Icona Pop - I Love It 2012

Video musical ''I Love It'' con Icona Pop,del 2012.

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▼ Insolite : Des bocaux pop et lumineux !

« La Tête dans le bocal ». Derrière ce nom amusant, on retrouve une marque française pleine d’idées, qui a choisi de donner une nouvelle vie aux très cultes bocaux Le Parfait !

Amusante …(続きを読む)

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