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▼ How to become a Professional Jockey in America?

For many horse fans becoming a jockey is the ultimate dream. This dream can be achieved through right training, specific education and determination.
Training: Unlike other countries, there is o…(続きを読む)

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▼ Jo Bheji Thi Dua Wo Ja K Aaasmah Full Hd Song

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▼ Manila Mayor's Shoutout

Manila Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso personally goes to Barangay 129 in Caloocan City on April 11 to order, through a megaphone, the surrender of a Manila barangay chairman and his four counc…(続きを読む)

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▼ A Beginner's Guide to Horse Racing

In order for a horse to compete and commence its career, he must qualify for the preliminaries and there is a minimum threshold of 2 years for the thoroughbred. And for the older horses who have not p…(続きを読む)

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▼ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)

Découvrez le premier single de l'album "The Heist" du duo Macklemore et Ryan Lewis, album déjà disponible.

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▼ Replicas - Trailer - Keanu Reeves

After a car accident kills his loving family, a daring neuroscientist will stop at nothing to bring them back, even if it means pitting himself against a government-controlled laboratory, a police tas…(続きを読む)

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▼ A racehorse's career

In order to access its competitive career, the horse must qualify for the preliminary events, they are open to horses as from 2 years old, only for the trot. Older horses that have not scored in trott…(続きを読む)

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▼ Une prof virée pour avoir fait un porno


En République tchèque, des élèves d'une école de la ville de Ceska Lipa, dé…(続きを読む)

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▼ Kejar-kejaran Motor Polisi Vs Begal, Ditembak Gak Jatuh

VIVA – Video berdurasi sekitar satu menit memperlihatkan aksi kejar-kejaran antara Tim Rajawali Polres Metro Jakarta Timur dan dua pelaku begal di sekitar Klender, Jakarta Timur dini hari (19/04/20…(続きを読む)

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▼ Karaokean Bareng, Aksi Kades di Lampung Peluk Istri Kepala Dusun dari Belakang

Viral aksi dua oknum pemerintah desa di Sendang Agung,Lampung Tengah.

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