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▼ Gov. Rick Scott on what's next for Florida after Hurricane Irma

Florida Gov. Rick Scott flew with the Coast Guard to see Hurricane Irma's devastation from the air Monday. He joins "CBS This Morning" by phone from Jacksonville to discuss next steps for the state as…(続きを読む)

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▼ Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 May 29th 2018 Countdown | Official

An early release of the May 29th, 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Watch and find out who is No. 1!

Check back every Monday for more Billboard's Hot 100 Top 10 countdown.

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▼ Camila Cabello VS Vanessa Hudgens - Billboard Music Awards 2017 Best/Worst Dressed

Camila Cabello, Vanessa Hudgens, Drake, Hailee Steinfeld, Noah Cyrus, John Legend, Halsey, Alexandra Daddario, Ludacris, Bebe Rexha, Nicole Scherzinger, Lea Michele, Rita Ora, and Florida Georgia Li…(続きを読む)

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▼ Florida Georgia Line 2017 Billboard Music Awards Magenta Carpet

Florida Georgia Line walk the magenta carpet at the annual Billboard Music Awards held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV

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▼ Florida Georgia Line -This is How we Roll Same Ole Same reaction

Florida Georgia Line - "This is How we Roll" (Official Video) Same Ole Same reaction

Shout out to Jacob for this Song to review Im going to get you bro ... trust me pay back is a must !!!(続きを読む)

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▼ Florida Georgia Line This Is How We Roll Chords

Complete tutorial: http://chordsworld.com/florida-georgia-line-this-is-how-we-roll-chords/ Originally performed by…(続きを読む)

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▼ 2016 CMA Awards -- Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw perform May We All at the 2016 CMA Awards!

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▼ Florida Georgia Line and Nelly: "Cruise" - The Voice Highlight

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly: "Cruise" - The Voice Highlight

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▼ Bebe Rexha Talks Collaborating with Louis Tomlinson and Florida Georgia Line | iHeartRadio Music Fest 2017

Bebe Rexha discusses collaborating with Louis Tomlinson and Florida Georgia Line and what to expect from 'All Your Fault: Pt. 3' at the iHeartRadio Music Fest 2017.

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▼ Sippin' On Fire - Guitar Lesson and Tutorial - Florida Georgia Line

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