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▼ Lorde Performs 'Perfect Places,' Confirms Running Onion Rings Instagram Page on 'Tonight Show' | Billboard News

To celebrate the release of her new album 'Melodrama,' Lorde stopped by the 'Tonight Show' to perform "Perfect Places" and chat about her Instagram account reviewing onion rings.

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▼ Outside Lands Music Festival 2017 - Live Day 3: Lorde, Schoolboy Q, Rebelution,...

The lineup for the 10th Anniversary of Outside Lands is here, featuring Metallica, Gorillaz and much more. Every day the festival will be streaming LIVE on Dailymotion!

LINE UP Liv…(続きを読む)

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▼ One Direction, Lorde Star in “God Only Knows” BBC Charity Song!

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▼ Mouloud Achour traite les Gérard de "fils de pute" - ZAPPING PEOPLE DU 13/02/2014

Hier soir, Mouloud Achour a poussé un énorme coup de gueule sur le racisme en France et sur les émissions d'enquête à la télévision, il en a d'ailleurs profité pour insulter violemment les Gérard de P…(続きを読む)

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▼ Lorde sem auto-tune

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▼ South Park Obama Gana Full episode

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▼ Justin Timberlake Is iTunes Artist of the Year

Justin Timberlake is closing out 2013 on a high note! He’s been crowned the iTunes Artist of the Year, thanks to his number one album, The 20/20 Experience.

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▼ Outside Lands 2017 Festival Teaser : Metallica, Gorillaz, Lorde...

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▼ Assassin Creed UNITY Trailer Soundtrack "Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

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▼ 2014 MTV VMA Winners Recap- Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lorde

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