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▼ Action Women: Derezzed (Movie montage)

My tribute to my favorite action women in cinema (61 films). Music: "Derezzed" by Daft Punk, extracted from the soundtrack album of "Tron Legacy".

I tried to avoid superpowered characters …(続きを読む)

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▼ The Apocamix

THE TUNE: https://soundcloud.com/eclecticmethod/apocamix

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▼ The Ultimate Awkward Celebrity Interviews Supercut

Check out our latest compilation of the ultimate awkward celebrity interviews! That awkward moment when your favorite celebrities get awkward.

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▼ Kiss Me You Fool: A Kissing Montage

"Cosmic Love" by Florence & The Machine (Buy from Amazon: http://amzn.to/X9OUEx)
"A Kiss to Build a Dream On" by Louis Armstrong (Buy from Amaz…(続きを読む)

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▼ Lorde Performs 'Perfect Places,' Confirms Running Onion Rings Instagram Page on 'Tonight Show' | Billboard News

To celebrate the release of her new album 'Melodrama,' Lorde stopped by the 'Tonight Show' to perform "Perfect Places" and chat about her Instagram account reviewing onion rings.

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▼ Outside Lands Music Festival 2017 - Live Day 3: Lorde, Schoolboy Q, Rebelution,...

The lineup for the 10th Anniversary of Outside Lands is here, featuring Metallica, Gorillaz and much more. Every day the festival will be streaming LIVE on Dailymotion!

LINE UP Liv…(続きを読む)

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▼ One Direction, Lorde Star in “God Only Knows” BBC Charity Song!

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▼ The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Supercut

Experience this super cut of the best news bloopers of 2015. It's living proof that internet news still travels fast.

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▼ Compilation cri du mouton et chèvre dans les chansons

The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut : Je vous présentais il y a quelques jours une petite compilation du (続きを読む)

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▼ Compilation de scènes très chaudes dans l'histoire du cinéma - Supercut Séduction!

Compilation de scènes très chaudes dans l'histoire du cinéma - Supercut Séduction!

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